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One of the leading property development, marketing and project management companies in KwaZulu Natal!
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Hotel Marina and Marina Bay Apartments

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Africa Rising (Pty) Ltd is one of the leading property development, marketing and project management companies in KwaZulu Natal. We have over 1.6 Billion rand on our books for current and future developments. In addition to development, marketing and project management we also assist in the legal side of the whole project process, which can be daunting to some lacking knowledge in this area.

Tailoring and adapting projects to match individual requirements has always been part of our core ethos, ‘people before profit’. We take great pride in our proven track record in understanding client needs and finding practical solutions that satisfy all parties concerned.

We are excited about future prospects in the real estate industry and will continue to work at forging new business partnerships while at the same time loyally supporting all investors and industry partners.

Over the last 15 years, Africa Rising (Pty) Ltd has truly embraced the overall vision for the development of the Umhlanga Ridge area with. As a reward for our efforts, Africa Rising (Pty) Ltd is now a key player in the property development industry.

Some of our more significant projects are The Grand Floridian in Illala Ridge, The Meridian, The Grand Central, The Edge and Crystal Rock, all prominent developments on the Centenary Boulevard area of Umhlanga Ridge New Town Centre. The latest two projects: The Madison and Park Avenue in Umhlanga Ridge New Town Centre were both launched in 2015.

Africa Rising (Pty) Ltd recipe to success is to continue providing quality workmanship, combined with a range of investment opportunities, through the design and configuration processes, that continue to appeal to a wide spectrum of first time home owners and investors alike.

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